Organisations need to be prepared to manage the unforeseen and the issues it may present. This means having processes and systems in place and trained personnel knowing how to respond.

Our approach provides a clear pathway through a crisis, ensuring effective communication and business continuity. OGM will help you to prepare for a crisis: assessing situations and planning ahead to keep your reputation intact. We assist you to show duty of care and set up policies and procedures to manage crisis risk. In the event of a Kidnap & Ransom situation, OGM provides a case officer to manage the crisis to allow the company to focus on their core business.

OGM provides the backbone to manage:
• Evacuation Preparation Plans
• Evacuation operations
• Kidnap & Ransom, crisis group training and provision of a case officer
• Counter risk measures training
• Consulting on Policies and procedures
• Briefing documents
• Information on country risk

The security plans are put in place to prevent events as much as possible and allow companies to continue with their day to day core business in the event of a crisis. The aim is also to ensure an evacuation plan is in place, especially focused towards volatile areas where companies might be operating.