Cyber investigations

The expertise and experience of OGM is crutial when shaping the best array of technologies to provide the protection you require for any security plan.

We understand the technologies which can be applied to situations. Our technical teams ensure, not only that you are secure from electronic eavesdroppers and hackers, they also assist in penetration tests to ensure your systems are protected.

With a thorough understanding of surveillance, they will design your CCTV and other anti-intrusion systems to your unique requirements.

Cyber Investigations include the use of:

  • Asset tracking and finance records
  • Fingerprinting and criminal checks
  • Tracking and tracing

Criminal investigations

At OGM we treat a Criminal investigation as an applied science that involves the study of facts, used to identify, locate and prove the guilt of an accused criminal. A complete criminal investigation can include searching, monitoring, interviews evidence collection and preservation and various other methods of investigations. Modern-day criminal investigations commonly employ many modern scientific techniques known collectively as forensic science and OGM will hand over the investigative files to the client or the Police according to their mandate. OGM will also keep track of the case and report on the progress.

Cross border capacity

OGM will assist you to integrate the latest GPS technologies into your plans and tracking devices can be attached to high value goods and cargo, vehicles and people so you will always know where they are. You can access a stream of information to reassure you about the safety of your assets wherever they are in the world.

OGM makes use of technical systems ranging from smart phone apps, pocket sized triggers, vehicle and asset trackers to full IVMS systems as well as covert surveillance’s.

Corporate Investigations

OGM understands that Investigations can be disruptive, expensive and resources are limited. While the need to investigate in some situations is obvious, in other situations determining whether to conduct an investigation and how that investigation should be conducted, are judgment calls. Some factors to consider in making these determinations include:

  • the seriousness of the allegations, including whether the alleged misconduct violates criminal law or company policy
  • whether the alleged misconduct involves senior management or board members
  • the company’s potential exposure if the allegations are true
  • the possibility for additional, future violations, or the possibility that the violations could be continuing
  • whether the alleged misconduct implicates a potential health and safety risk to employees or others
  • whether the alleged misconduct calls into question any prior internal control or financial certifications provided by executive officers and whether the alleged misconduct prevents such officers from truthfully executing future certifications
  • the likely response of the company’s auditors to the alleged misconduct
  • whether there is a parallel government investigation or whether such an investigation is likely to occur
  • whether the company’s audit committee charter, code of conduct, or other policies mandate or encourage an investigation whether the issue must be reported to regulatory officials
  • the extent to which the company may receive credit from enforcement officials for conducting its own investigation
  • the possible impact on any pending or potential civil litigation.

As the above makes it clear, OGM has a pragmatic and professional approach towards Corporate Investigations and we believe in following proper process to ensure detailed documentation to back up any claims that may be made


  • Vehicle movement
  • Phone records and location of phones
  • Bank statements
  • Physical surveillance teams