Understanding and managing security risk is a critical component of any supply chain. A Logistics Security Assessment by OGM International evaluates risk within your supply chain by conducting an in-depth review of all areas of the organization and supply chain, including facilities, personnel, in-transit lanes, carriers and procedures according to industry best practices. These comprehensive assessments can either focus on a single site or span across an entire supply chain.

Our main focus is to pinpoint exact weaknesses in your distribution network and then suggest solutions to mitigate the risk of such exposure.

  • Physical Security Assessments help to evaluate warehouses, distribution centers, offices, yards, lots, and even head office functions.
  • Carrier Security Assessments help to analyze security policies and procedures, inspect transportation vendors for compliance, and evaluate transportation risk
  • Policy/Procedure Development services can generate customized physical, in-transit procedural policies.
  • Pre-employment security checking and regular criminal checks done on key players are invaluable to manage risk proactively.
  • OGM training of internal staff to manage this process has be a valuable tool for many of our existing clients.
  • OGM investigations into events can highlight weakness and also improve compliance when the risk is known.