Trustworthy technology

From alarms to remote camera monitoring, security technology is a fast-moving industry. We invest in ensuring that we are always aware of the newest trends – keeping one step ahead.

But that does not mean that we rush to deploy new technology, just for the sake of it. All of our technology is fit-for-purpose. This means that we carefully evaluate products and make sure of compatibility and sharing of common platforms before recommending these to clients.

CCTV and offsite/remote monitoring

With Closed Circuit TV (CCTV), you get another set of eyes on the ground, a set that RECORDS EVENTS for future use.  Stored CCTV footage can be used in both informal and forensic investigations where the different sides of a story do not match up.

With remote visual solutions, we can monitor what is happening on your site from anywhere and being off-site ensures tamper free data is always available in the event of discrepancies.

Guard monitoring – keeping track of events on the ground

Roaming guards are monitored and supported by remote technology-based management systems that can track guard patrol patterns and key routes in real-time. This keeps guards safe, and honest. Detailed weekly patrol pattern reports are available via email. The idea to monitor guards independently places the client in the position to watch the watcher – using an independent system to audit their guarding service.

The guards we monitor are equipped with panic buttons that enable them to, in case of emergency, alert the control room to dispatch back-up immediately. OGM can act as a second layer to “watch the watcher” without vested interest in the security contract.

Electric fence monitoring – keeping the perimeter secure

Modern security should combine brains and brawn to offer state of the art protection. OGM offers trained guards who can protect you, smart technology to support them, and smarter experts to put it all together. We understand the strict laws governing your rights to protect yourself. With OGM, you will remain within the law.

A registered provider who you can trust

We adhere to the best practices required by the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA) as a minimum standard. OGM standards upholds our promise of transparency and provides our clients with ease of mind that we abide by industry guidelines in how we deal with both our customers and our staff. Documented records of performance ensure the importance of compliance to our strict operating parameters.