OGM is a Private Security Services Provider.

Based on the significant depth and experience of our staff as well as our large network of specialists, OGM is able to cover a large variety of security requirements within all the relevant security sectors.

OGM is certified by the Security Association for the Maritime Industry (SAMI) and registered with the United Nations (UN), Pan-African Security Association (PASA) and South African Oil & Gas Alliance (SAOGA).

OGM is also registered with the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA).

OGM has offices in South Africa, and in a number of African countries. Each respective team brings important knowledge and a local perspective to the company.

Jakkie van Jaarsveld – Managing Director 

After a successful career within the South African Police, Jakkie venture into the private security space where he has held various senior positions globally. Jakkie has been involved in the security industry for over 15 years and was appointed to the Board of OGM International in mid-2009. Prior to joining OGM International, Jakkie was managing projects in the Middle-East and Africa starting in 2003. As a major user of security services, this role gave Jakkie an in-depth understanding of the security functionalities from a client’s perspective. He has a comprehensive understanding of the requirements of critical infrastructure and high profile and National Key point sites, effectively mitigating risk through in-depth assessments and critical response. Jakkie’s unique experience has given him unparalleled insight into all aspects of the security industry and makes him an industry specialist of the highest caliber and a worthy founder of OGM International.

Chris Greyling – Director

Chris joined the SA Special Forces and qualified as a Special Forces Operator in the late 70’s. From 1987 Chris concentrated on international projects within the security industry. Chris has been the National Chairman of the SA Special Forces League since 2003 and part of his focus is maintaining good relations with the current Special Forces Military Command, the Government agencies and the media.  Chris remains a member on the executive committee and holds the Portfolio of Ministerial Liaison. The organisation has gone through some changes recently and is now known as the South-African Special Forces Association, www.recce.co.za  Chris is the Founder and Managing Director of Pan African Security,  www.pasa-africa.org  with the main focus of maintaining stability in the African region relating directly to influences of security companies in the region, especially those that operate in multiple countries in Africa and are largely unchecked by the lack of legal systems in place. The background to this is to ensure companies with historically bad behaviour are closely monitored, the Directors are identified and the respective governments are advised of their risky operations.

Marais Thierzen – Operational Director 

Marais joined the military in 1992 receiving training at 1 Infantry Battalion. Thereafter he joined the South African Police Service where he excelled to become an experienced Manager with Policing qualifications and a strong background in multiple aspects of Crime Prevention, Community Policing, Strategic and Human Resource Management, Crowd Management, Operational Planning, Community Liaison. Marais also received specialized training in House Penetration, Hostage Situations, Suicide prevention, VIP protection, Observation / Covert Operations, Crime Prevention, Counter Urban Terrorism, Counter Warfare and Rescue techniques. He was also responsible for the liaison with external role-players to assist with specific crime incidents. These companies include the major banks, cash in transit companies, major shopping malls, Business Against Crime and others. In some of these organizations he was appointed as the chairperson to lead such initiatives. Marais joined OGM in 2015.  Marais has a high level of problem analysis capacity which serves him well in his operational responsibilities. Well-developed communication and organisational skills, with a strong aptitude to motivate and manage teams and individuals in order to transfer skills and enhance efficiencies are exceptional characteristics and the experience of this adds value to OGM and our clients.